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Essential Books for Cat Lovers

With a book on your lap, your cat is sure to follow! But why does she love to sit on your papers, keyboard and favorite clothes? Whether seeking a comical read with the kids, a literary treat, a go-to guide for cat care-taking, or a deeper understanding of all those feline mysteries, this select list will only serve to enhance your bond.


The Cat in the Hat (Dr. Seuss) This fanciful rhyming classic follows the iconic grinning cat in bowtie and striped top hat.

Comical cats

Felix, Sylvester, Garfield and so many others, entertain us endlessly. This latest cartoon cat was an animated internet sensation, now in print.

Simon's Cat In His Very Own Book (Simon Tofield). This one launched side-splitting sequels.


A cat's charms inspire vets, poets and even dog-lovers to write mysteries, fantasies and novels.

The Guest Cat (Takashi Hiraide). An enchanting story of a couple captivated by a furry neighborhood visitor.


True tales of remarkable cats have created their own genre on library mousers and other cat adoption.

A Street Cat Named Bob (James Bowen). A heartwarming account of an injured stray who repays the kindness.

Key Resources

Indispensable advice about cats, from health tips to training—yes, you can!

The Complete Cat Care Manual (Dr. Andrew Edney). The ASPCA's comprehensive and illustrated guide follows the entire life-cycle of cats.

Think Like a Cat: How to Raise a Well-Adjusted Cat—Not a Sour Puss (Pam Johnson-Bennett). Insightful handbook offers play therapy techniques and behavior modification.

Kid's Kitty Lit

The perfect muses, tons of tomes on cute cats fascinate toddlers and parents alike.

Pete the Cat (James Dean and Eric Litwin). A whimsical series about a wide-eyed blue kitten, with Magic Sunglasses, Missing Cupcake, Groovy Buttons and more. 

The Coffee Table Book

The Life and Love of Cats (Lewis Blackwell). This fact-filled volume follows 9,000 years of domestication with 100 wonderful images. The title says it all.