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Dog Wellness: A Dog's Amazing Sense of Smell

Your pooch's sense of smell is 10,000 to 100,000 times stronger than a human's. Dogs can whiff out odors at concentrations of "parts per trillion," and canines used for scent detection have capabilities superior to today's modern lab equipment.

Maybe it's because the sense of smell is the most important tool of communication among canines, allowing them to greet, define territory and establish rank. When two dogs meet, they are able to gather important information—like which dog is dominant—through their ritualistic sniffing without the need for a confrontation.

Why a strong sniffer matters

From tracking missing persons and detecting arson to sniffing out bombs and uncovering criminal evidence, canines play a crucial role in saving lives and helping to keep the peace. Detection dogs are invaluable to law enforcement, military, homeland security and safety. And now, researchers have discovered how to further enhance a dog's already amazing sniffer.

As unbelievably awesome as their snouts are, dog food analysis shows that cutting protein and adding fat to their diet helps enhance dogs' ability to smell by helping them return more quickly to a lower body temperature after exercise. This, in turn, reduces panting and thereby improves sniffing. Who knew?

Detects feelings

Don't think you can hide those feelings with a forced smile! A canine's uncanny sense of smell allows them to detect fear, anxiety and even sadness in your scent. And no matter how great you think you might smell, you will always be a stinkpot to your pooch.

Keep your hound's snoot in tip-top shape with healthy dog food and healthy dog treats and consider an affordable pet insurance that covers illness, injury and wellness care. Because you just never know when you'll need a good sniffer!