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Dog Breeds: Siberian Husky—The Beauty

Siberian Huskies are mighty and athletic, outgoing and friendly and tend to get along with everybody, making them truly irresistible. But they are also intelligent and independent.

Escape artists

If the fence isn't deep enough in the ground, these escape artists will dig their way out—and if they get loose, they will run away. Bred in Northeast Asia as sled dogs, Huskies are hardwired to run all day, making them unsuited to apartment life. They have incredible endurance, a tremendous willingness to work and a great love of the outdoors. Daily doses of attention and vigorous activity are vital for a successful partnership. 

Wonderful companions

Huskies are not the best choice for a first-time dog owner, but, if you have the energy and the know-how to handle these remarkable creatures, they make wonderful companions.

Huskies bond to the whole family and are especially good with children. They are loyal, eager, gentle and fun-loving. They adore being outside, especially in the cold weather. Take them hiking, running or biking every day. Be careful to watch the heat and always keep them on a leash otherwise they'll take off. Teaching them to pull carts and sleds will give them purpose.

Huskies generally do well in multi-dog homes, but watch them around cats and do not keep them around rabbits, ferrets or birds.