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Does Your Dog Speak Human?

Did you know dogs are master linguists? It’s true. Just like us, their brains are hard-wired to learn languages. This means all dogs have the capacity to learn hundreds, if not thousands of words. The real trick is training your furry friend to sit still and listen! Want to increase your dog’s vocabulary? Check out these tips guaranteed to get your pooch pawing for the dictionary.

It’s all in the tone

If you want your dog to learn more words, pay close attention to the sound of your voice. Dogs respond favorably to words that sound like praise. So when introducing a new word, make sure to say it as if you were giving a compliment. This lift in pitch gets dogs ears buzzing with excitement. 

Positive Reinforcement

Dogs love praise so use this to your advantage. Each time you teach your precious pup a new word, reward his good behavior. A good play session, a little meaty morsel (like Nutrish Meatball Morsels), or a few words of reassurance are all great ways to let your dog know learning is fun.

Creative problem-solving

Tap into those canine instincts and play hide-and-seek with objects. Present an object to your dog, repeat the word several times then go and hide it. Your pup will love digging around until she finds it. Repeat the exercise and watch how quickly your dog’s vocabulary grows.

Learning equals playtime

Pet parents who have taught their dogs hundreds of words agree that playtime is a dog’s biggest motivator. Turn a vocabulary test into a game and give your doggy a challenge. Set aside a few minutes each day to play fetch with a different toy. This is an easy way to get your furry friend moving beyond basics commands.

Two voices are better than one

Dogs learn faster when multiple family members get involved in the teaching process. Hearing words repeated in different voices will keep your canine's mind and ears sharp to vocal nuances. Make learning new words a family affair for everyone!

Teaching your dog new words is a rewarding experience for the whole family. Playing games and positive reinforcement are simple ways to boost your doggy’s vocabulary in no time.