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Do It Yourself Birthday Party for your Dog

Throwing a well-deserved birthday bash for your fur baby can be a joyful occasion for everyone, and a great way to bring friends and family in on the fun. Here's a quick and easy list to make preparing the day as easy as cake. Just be sure that all treats and toys are dog-safe and meant for canines of all ages and sizes. 

Make a guest list 

Whether it’s just family or your dog’s play pals, make sure all the dogs know each other and that the two-legged guests are dog-friendly, too! 

Create invitations

Create your own or use any of the free invites available on the Web. Be sure to specify time, date and who’s invited.

Decide on a theme

It’s easy to coordinate all the moving parts around a theme, here are some favorites:

  • Canine Corral. Each dog gets his own bandana, and set up a chuck wagon buffet of doggie treats, like Nutrish Sausage Bites, Turkey Bacon, Burger Bites or more.  
  • Beach Blanket Besties. No need for waves, just fill up a wading pool, fire up the grill and keep it cool.
  • Prince and Princess. What’s cuter than selfies with dogs wearing paper crowns?

Plan fun doggie games

  • Ultimate Frisbee. Dogs love frisbees, and pet parents love pictures of dogs chasing frisbees!
  • Fetch. For the retrievers and competitors in your group who can’t get enough of this classic game.
  • Balls. All shapes and all sizes for the dogs to chase and chew.
  • Scavenger Hunt. Bury beef bones or dog treats around the yard and enjoy the search!

Bake a canine cake and dog treats

This is your Instagram moment: the birthday girl eating her cake! There are recipes on the web for dog-approved cakes or pick up a cake mix at your local pet store.

  • Pupsicles. Fill a popsicle tray with low-sodium chicken broth, freeze and serve.
  • PupCakes. Fill a muffin tin with dog-approved cake batter and bake. No icing required!

Make goody bags

Send every fur baby home with a new treat, toy or a coupon toward the dog groomer.

Party Poopers

Because it happens...hand out pooper bags right from the start!