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Debunking the Myths About Shelter Pets

Through no fault of their own, over seven million companion animals wind up in shelters every year. These are healthy, good natured dogs and cats with nothing wrong with them that your love and care can't fix. Still, many potential adopters avoid shelters due to widespread myths and misconceptions.

"The vet bills will cost a fortune!"

Not true! Though policies differ from shelter to shelter, chances are pets available for adoption have already been examined, bathed, groomed and given medical treatment if needed. They may also have been spayed or neutered and microchipped. You could actually be getting quite a bargain for your small adoption fee!

"They must be damaged goods."

Total myth! Most abandonments are due to a problem with the human, not the dog or cat. And in cases where the animal has suffered abuse or life on the streets, the experience will only make your shelter pet more grateful for the care and love he's going to receive from you.

"Shelters don't get the breed of pet I want."

Sure they do! Shelters get every kind of cat and dog there is, from purebred Abyssinians and Affenpinschers to Turkish Angoras and Yorkshire Terriers! But unless you're looking for a professional show animal, why not consider a mutt? Mixed breeds tend not to inherit the genetic and emotional problems that show up in purebreds. And who needs papers when you've got personality?

"Shelter animals are too old."

Don't you believe it! Shelters get puppies and kittens by the litter-full! But keep in mind, the younger the pet the more training time you'll need to put in. Pets over a year old are more likely to already be housebroken and know some basic manners.

There's no reason to purchase from a pet store or puppy mill when there are so many wonderful pooches and pusses in shelters just waiting for loving homes like yours!