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Creative Campaigns Increase Dog and Cat Adoptions!

According to the Humane Society, only about half the pets in shelters and rescues get adopted each year. Social media has become a vital tool for promoting adoption events, but posting cat videos or photos of exotic dogs just isn't enough. Successful adoptions start with getting potential pet parents in the door.

Make it personal

Adoption rates rise when organizations can create a sense of community. Recurring events, such as "Hiking with Hounds" and "Yoga with Cats" not only give the animals a much needed break from their cages, but allow folks on the fence about adopting the sort of sample that gets them hooked. Invite locals to join clubs formed around cat and dog breeds from a to z: Visit a Vizsla! Cuddle a Calico! Mix with the Mutts!

Silly sells...

Far better than sad ads showing frightened, shivering animals, pull on happier heartstrings by offering discounted adoption fees for Chihuahuas on Cinco de Mayo or black cats on Halloween. Free Over Five is one example of a promotion that generated adoptions by temporarily waiving fees on adult and senior pets.

Learn from the pros

Looking for inspiration? Check out the ASPCA website's Little Black Book of Adoption Promotion Ideas: 125 pages of the most successful strategies employed by shelters and rescues nationwide. Best Friends' website offers an action kit with step-by-step instructions for promoting individual pets and holding adoption events.

In the never-ending quest to find furever homes for shelter and rescue dogs and cats, clever campaign concepts—ones that make people smile and feel compelled to join in—literally save lives.

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