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Crazy Eating Habits

Cats have some kooky quirks, especially when it comes to their food. One foster cat refused to eat when strangers were around. Another would only eat out of Mannie's bowl, even though his bowl contained the same food. I have stories for days! New foster cat Mister Cuddles revealed his crazy cat eating habits right off the bat.

Mannie and Millie have set mealtimes rather than free-eating. Whether cats eat and how much helps me monitor their general state of health. Mister Cuddles must have come from a free-eating home, since he'd wait in the feeding area multiple times a day. I had to exercise some tough pet parent love to not give in and feed him, even though his "pleading" eyes were working my heartstrings something fierce. Eventually he got the message that feeding time occurred in the morning and in the evening and he's waiting a lot less. But now he takes a mouthful, drops it on the floor, eats it up, then repeats the action. Huh?

A new story to add to my collection.