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Clairvoyant Cat

There are plenty of myths around cats, some I'm forever trying to debunk. Like black cats are bad luck (we have Halloween to thank for that one) or they're too aloof. Tell that to Mannie and Millie when they're snuggling up to me on the couch! But there is one myth I believe is real: cats do seem to have a sixth sense.

Once Mannie was yowling at the ceiling, something he never does. At first I thought he may have seen an insect crawling around. After about ten minutes of this I went to check out the attic. Maybe he heard mice up there. What I found was a smoldering electrical wire that could have caused a fire!

Sure, we can say cats have heightened senses that allow them to detect things before we do, but stories like this are common. They are finely tuned creatures, constantly reading the atmosphere. So now I tell everyone, if your kitty is suddenly pacing or meowing in a way you've never seen before. Take notice. He could be trying to tell you something really important.