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Cats Love the Indoor Life

Are domestic cats better off living inside? Ever since we opened our hearts and homes to cats, the debate has raged on. Some may argue cats belong outdoors, but there are plenty of reasons why house cats live their nine lives happier indoors than out. Check out these examples for why your cat is truly content at home.

Safety first

There's simply no question about it, when it comes to safely caring for a cat, indoors is always better. House cats exist in controlled environments with fewer hazards: a world without the dangers of speeding cars, unpredictable dogs or dangerous tree branches gives kitties more time for snuggles and cozy catnaps.

Less stress

Compared to outdoor cats, housecats have lower blood pressure and experience less anxiety. Outdoor cats deal with the stress of survival on a daily basis. Over time, this will have a major impact on a cat's health. A cat that doesn't need to worry all the time is a happier feline.

Friend vs. foe

If you are a multi-pet family, your cats are used to pawing around with other pets. Outdoors the rules change. Feral cats are hostile and territorial. If your furry friend wanders into another cat's turf, guaranteed, the fur will fly.

Live longer

Among the facts about cats: indoor cats live longer. Recent studies show the life expectancy of a house cat is between 12 to 15 years of age. For indoor cats allowed outdoors, their lifespan decreases by three years. Sadly, stray cats rarely make it to five years. Disease and cars are their biggest killers.

Bye-bye bug bites

An overlooked reason indoor cats are happier is the lack of pests. Outdoor cats are magnets for critters, especially fleas and ticks. Bug bites are not only itchy, some insect bites carry serious diseases. Avoid the trouble and keep your cat indoors for safe measure.

There are plenty of reasons why indoor cats lead happier lives. Housecats not only live longer, they're healthier, less stressed and safer than cats who roam freely outdoors. Let's hear it for indoor cats!