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Cat and Dog Documentaries Now Streaming

Viral cat videos and puppy postings offer those endless laughs we love to share. Scratch deeper and dig up entertaining and informative films that offer insights about our favorite pets. These true tales and intriguing secrets about cats and dogs make for hours of fascination, pet facts, fun and heartwarming imagery. So curl up on the sofa with treats, click on a streaming channel and enjoy a little togetherness!

Puppy Love

Dogs: Their Secret Lives: Uncovers what dogs do when left home alone via hidden cameras that monitors their antics, as well as fascinating pet science. (DailyMotion)

Dogs Decoded: Reveals how dogs' strong bond with humans developed, and how canines respond and adapt to people. (TopDocumentaryFilms)

A Dog's Life: Explores how dogs perceive their lives, from a Jack Russell's daily walk to a dog's sixth sense for directions.

Second Chance Dogs: An ASPCA rehab facility's inspiring transformation of neglected rescue dogs into beloved pets for a second chance in life.

Kitty Curiosity

The Lion in Your Living Room: What makes a cat curious? What's the meaning of her purrs? Where do they wander? Learn all the enigmas of the house cat, like its keen sense of hearing.

Kedi: A delightful love letter to city cats, following seven felines freely roaming the streets of Istanbul (from Sari the hustler to Duman the gentleman), and how cats mirror the people they adopt. (YouTube Red)

Lil Bub & Friendz: An award-winning chronicle of viral cat videos focuses on feline internet sensations, such as 'cat-lebrities' Grumpy Cat and Keyboard Cat, and the first Cat Video Film Festival. (Documentary.net)

Feral Love: For 12 years, a cat lady has fed stray kitties Maggie and Dexter under a New York City bridge. One brutal winter, this caretaker (a member of the Philharmonic Orchestra), tries to get them safe inside.

Available on Netflix or Vimeo on Demand unless noted.