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Cat Adoption: What Not to Do

Adopting a cat is a big responsibility. Sometimes, though, we see an adorable kitty in need of a home and we make a rush decision without considering all the facts. Avoid adoption pitfalls by learning what not to do when adopting a new cat.

Impulsive decisions

There's nothing worse than discovering your new kitty is not who you thought she was. Making snap judgments from a brief encounter can come with disappointment. Before adopting, speak with shelter staff and find one that fits your personality, expectations and lifestyle.

Not catifying home

So you've picked the purrfect cat, now it's time to make your house cat-friendly. Adopted cats need to have a space to call their own. Make him feel welcome by having a litter box, a cozy bed and a scratching post in place before he enters your home.

Lack of training time

A lack of training in the beginning will lead to bad behavior for many years to come. Take the time early on to teach your cat the house rules. Training time together also encourages trust and reinforces the bond between you with your new kitty.

Ignoring other pets

It can be easy to get so wrapped up with your new cat that you unintentionally ignore the rest of your furry family members. Be aware that older pets are sensitive to newcomers and may become jealous or feel neglected. Show your love by spreading out the quality time evenly with each of them.

Too much freedom

Felines use borders to claim territory. If there are places in the house you'd prefer to keep cat-free, be sure to make those clear from the get go. Designated spaces allow cats to know where they can take naps and where not to roam.

Adopting a cat is an extremely rewarding experience. Knowing which mistakes to avoid will help make your new cat a full-fledged family member in no time.