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Boost Morale in the Office by Calling in the Dogs

Studies have shown that not only can our furry friends create a positive work environment, they can encourage longer hours, relieve stress and improve concentration. If you're a business owner, this can be a big plus for your bottom line.

Stress relief

When business gets a little crazy, one look into those sweet puppy dog eyes can be enough to calm even the most rattled worker. It's hard to stay stressed when an adorable pocket dog or lovable English Terrier trots over to say hello. Who can resist a silly face and wagging tail?

Many workers also look forward to some fresh air and a brisk walk with their favorite pup when they need a break. This outdoor stroll does wonders for renewed energy, which in turn helps focus and creativity.

Plus, a common love of dogs between workers can help develop strong relationships, encourage teamwork and build a solid network of support, which ultimately boosts morale and productivity. This can truly be a win-win situation, but there are some cons to consider.

Size and sneezing and barking, oh my!

Dog size can make a difference. While your beloved Mastiff or Labrador Retriever may be the perfect family dog, they may not be the best fit in a smaller office.

High-energy dogs and canines prone to barking may cause tension, and even the cutest Yorkshire Terrier or Pomeranian can bring on the sneezes and wheezes. Make sure your dog is bathed regularly and shots are up to date. Bites can be a tremendous liability, so only bring the healthiest, happiest dogs around others.

Much like offering competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits, companies that adopt a dog-friendly atmosphere demonstrate their willingness to promote happiness and well-being among their employees, and simply put, happy employees get a lot more done.