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Big Decision

I found a forever home for foster cat Midnight! But I struggled to get the words out and tell Jason about her future pet parents. I was crying so hard! I admit it, I had grown very attached to this quirky, energetic cat. Foster cat parents need to get a grip on their emotions, and I was doing a bad job of it. Just the thought of her not being part of the family brought on more of my blubbering.

Jason held my hand. "Then why don't you keep her?"

Why hadn't I thought of that?! "Yes, yes, I could keep her!" I said brushing away my tears. But then my practical mind took hold. "If I keep her, then that limits my ability to foster other cats. I mean, let's get real, if I have three resident cats, I can only foster another. The household can't handle more than that." The waterworks started again.

Midnight's new family came by over the weekend to get her. We had one last snuggle and I sent her on her way. No more tears were shed. I knew in my heart I had made the right decision.