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Bedtime with Pets

We all love curling up with our pets. Whether it's on the couch or in the bed, it's impossible to resist a little snuggle. But what happens when a quick cuddle turns into an all-night slumberfest? Is it a good idea to let your dog or cat sleep with you? Check out the pros and cons and find out for yourself.


Body-warmth factor

Cats and dogs have body temperatures three to six degrees warmer than people. No wonder we sleep together in cold weather! Extra warmth ensures everyone sleeps better.

Feel-good hormones

Being affectionate with pets is good for your health. Each time you pet the family dog or cat, a hormone called Oxytocin sends good vibes to the brain. Bring on happy dreams and snuggle up with your fuzzy friend.

Rhythmic breathing

Did you know your pup's steady breathing can cure insomnia? The sound of rhythmic breathing is known to help combat sleeplessness. If you have insomnia, let your dog's breathing be the remedy.


No space

Whether a Teacup Poodle or a Labrador, pets take up space. Studies show half of all pet parents complain of sleepless nights. If your canine steals the covers, invest in a good dog bed.

Triggers allergies

Suffering from allergies? Dirty paws and dander could be the culprit. Pets aren't as clean as we think they are. To breathe clean air when you sleep invest in a HEPA filter and keep your furry friend out of the bedroom and off the bed.

Unwanted aggression

Dogs and cats are territorial. Some may get the wrong idea if they're given free reign of the bed. If your cat or dog becomes defensive when you climb under the covers, it's time to sleep separately.

Sleeping with pets is a matter of personal preference. Weighing the pros and cons will help you and your pet get a goodnight's rest.