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5 Most Harmful Ingredients in Cat Food

Feeding our furry family members is the single most important thing we do as pet parents. With so many options available, it’s hard to know what cat food ingredients are safe and which ones are dangerous. To stay on top of your cat’s health, check food labels carefully for these five harmful ingredients before dishing out her next meal.

Meat by-products

As the name implies, meat by-products are inferior animal parts not meant for human consumption. Meat by-products can be organs, feet, nails and even rotten or cancerous meats. Bottom line—keep meat by-products off your kitty’s plate. Always feed cat food that contains real meat.


Healthy cats require a high-protein diet. Some pet food manufactures use cornmeal as a cheap substitute for more expensive meat options. Cats that eat cornmeal are at a higher risk for allergies, obesity and feline diabetes. Cornmeal also contains melamine, which can cause kidney failure.    

Artificial food coloring

Don’t be fooled by the tempting color of your cat’s food. Artificial colorings are known carcinogens. Be on the lookout for any cat food label with the colors Red #40 or Blue #2. These colors are known to give kitties severe allergies. 


If you see Ethoxyquin in your cat food ingredient list, you might think again. Ethoxyquin is a chemical primarily used to make pesticides and rubber products. Some pet food manufacturers use Ethoxyquin as a preservative to lengthen the shelf life of cat food claiming it is perfectly safe. However, it is considered a carcinogen in humans and its effects on animals has not been well studied.

Propylene Glycol

If the name sounds familiar, it should. Propylene Glycol is the main ingredient in anti-freeze. Studies found cats fed a diet with this synthetic additive suffered severe blood abnormalities. Due to its toxicity, the FDA banned Propylene Glycol in cat food. Sadly, this dangerous ingredient is still permitted in dog food.  

Protect your cat’s health. Read labels carefully and avoid cat food that contains any of these harmful ingredients. Your fur baby will thank you with a long lifetime of snuggles.