Nutrish Dish Food for Dogs Questions

  • Where does the Chicken come from?
    We source our chicken from the USA.
  • Where does the Beef come from?
    We source our beef from the USA.
  • Is the Chicken & Beef farm raised?
    Yes, farm raised Beef or Chicken is the first ingredient
  • Are the fruits/vegetables real?
    Yes, all of the fruits and vegetables are real, dehydrated fruits and vegetables
  • What are the real vegetables and fruits are in Dish?
    Dish includes real carrots, peas, apples and potatoes.
  • What are the hard, light colored pieces in Dish?
    Dehydrated potatoes.
  • Do the vegetables need rehydrated?
  • What is the meat piece?
    The meat piece is real chicken raised in the USA as well as some additional natural ingredients added for color and natural preservatives.